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This conference will look at a number of challenge areas that keep coming up in studies of Canada’s innovation ecosystem. Instead of repeating the difficulties, we will hear from innovators who are breaking new ground and overcoming old habits of thinking and doing to generate wealth and social benefits from knowledge. From these exemplars, we will review policy implications and how we can generate more success at scale.

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Realizing new economic and social gains from knowledge is what innovation is all about. Countries that excel in this enterprise, with the exception of the United States, typically have few natural resources and are small. Think of Finland, Israel or Sweden. So there is no inherent reason why Canada could not be as successful, despite our relatively small population. Canada’s status as a G7 country correlates with the wealth we generate as a global supplier of natural resources and our democratic and open society. As the world shrinks due to rapid technological change, our place among the wealthiest of nations will increasingly depend on our ability to create new wealth and societal benefits from knowledge. This goal has been the focus of innovation policy in Canada for many decades. Nonetheless, it remains an aspirational one, not yet actualized.

Attitudes and beliefs shape our culture and our institutions. If we are to scale Canada’s innovation game, we must identify the people and institutions that are successful in breaking through the status quo by creating value with knowledge – in the form of technology, processes, organizational structures, business models or marketing innovations. Can government policies and programs incent and facilitate such breakthroughs and, if so, how? 

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8:30am- 9:00am

Welcome Address

Welcome to the 17th Annual Re$earch Money Conference!
9:00am- 9:30am


12:15pm- 1:15pm

Lunchtime Keynote

Competing in a Global Innovation Economy: The Current State of R&D in Canada is the fourth report from the Council of Canadian Academies (CCA) in a series documenting Canada’s S&T and R&D strengths and weaknesses.
1:15pm- 2:45pm
2:00pm- 2:45pm
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3:15pm- 4:45pm

Corporate Drivers of Innovation

The recently announced Venture Capital Catalyst Initiative (VCCI) has identified a number of funds-of-funds that will invest in start-up and scale-up firms to help grow Canadian companies.
4:45pm- 5:15pm
5:15pm- 6:30pm


6:30pm- 8:30pm

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