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Most journalists and community members have never attended a hackathon. Most programmers have never worked on immigration issues. Migrahack brings together digital journalists, non-profits, developers interested in social data, community, and activists to work jointly on stories that matter.

How does it work? 
#MigrahackTO is an opportunity to capture complex immigration and settlement issues by combining evidence with journalism. Challenge owners (non-profits working in immigration and settlement sector) bring a problem and a data set, and participate in collaborative data analysis and story development.  Empowered by mastering data visualizing tools and working in diverse teams participants will be able to explore new solutions to local, regional, or even global challenges their organizations are confronted by.

MCIS Language Solutions is a non-profit that has evolved into a model social enterprise and has been relentlessly pursuing its vision to remove language barriers for over 25 years. With over 45 full time staff and  a roster of over 3500 interpreters and translators, MCIS provides a full suite of language solutions in 300+ languages. Every year MCIS invests a portion of its net income into initiatives that support free services for victims of violence and the homeless, training subsidies and advocating for language access. With a growing demand for language services, a long track record of success, and deep roots in the community, MCIS has positioned itself to capture more market share by demonstrating there is a better way to conduct business.

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Groups present their projects from the weekend.
1:30pm- 2:30pm

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Discussion with representatives from each team.

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