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The 16th annual RE$EARCH MONEY conference will provide a timely opportunity, weeks after the release of the budget, for participants to plan together how best to advance Canada’s performance in these innovation action areas. Which areas are addressed in Budget 2017 and which ones will need to be tackled in future budgets? How can stakeholders in government, industry, finance, academia and the non-profit sector contribute to moving the Agenda forward in the coming year?

Consultations for a Canadian Innovation Agenda are currently underway, focusing the following action areas:

People including building Canadian’s STEM, coding and other digital skills and developing our own talent
Technologies including encouraging breakthroughs in science and technology, creating and supporting globally competitive innovation networks and clusters, and ideas for keeping Canada at the forefront of advancing science and tech
Companies including improving the ability of Canadian companies to scale up and leveraging the Government of Canada’s buying power to support innovative companies

At the same time, the federal government is overseeing a review of government support for fundamental science. The results, expected by the end of 2016, will feed into the Innovation Agenda, which is expected to be a major focus of Budget 2017.

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